DUI Charges Los Angeles

DUI Charges Los Angeles

Los Angeles Prosecutors are preparing to crack down on DUI Charges. DUI Charges Los Angeles penalties will become more strict. On Saturday a tragic DUI accident occurred taking the life of Deobeya Lee, a beloved College Football Player here in Southern California. According to ABC News, the event took place on 116th Street. A 27 years old women ran a stop sign and collided with the car that Mr. Lee was a passenger in. The suspect was arrested and is being held on more than one million dollars bail.

This horrific incident only sheds more light on the dangers of drunk driving and the terrible life altering consequences that stem from accidents related to DUI and DWI cases. Organizations like MADD have been pushing for years to increase punishments for these types of convictions. Driving under the influence or driving while impaired charges can destroy the lives of victims and defendants. As more of these devastating events occur, the more District Attorneys will push for harsher penalties.

If you have been charged with DUI Charges Los Angeles Prosecutors are preparing to come out you fast and hard. A Los Angeles DUI Lawyer can help navigate you through this scary time. People make mistakes. The prosecution looks at a simple DUI the same way they do with severe cases like the one that happened on Saturday. They do so to help prevent these types of deaths. An criminal defense attorney can help separate your case from these types of cases. Call us today for a free consultation.

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