April 25, 2016

Traffic Tickets

Traffic Ticket Attorney

Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney


Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney 

If your facing a moving violation in the cities of Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, Encino, Tarzana, Calabasas, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Glendale, Burbank, Canoga Park, West Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, West Hollywood, and the entire Los Angeles County, let DUI Defender clean up your driving record! .Traffic Tickets can cost you thousands of dollars in higher insurance fees. Call us today, we will work to get you out of your ticket. Our Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorneys offer the lowest Traffic Ticket fees in Southern California.

Traffic Tickets

If you want to fight your traffic tickets be prepared to spend the majority of your day in front of a Judge. Worse, most of the times the day gets completely wasted and you end up having to come back to court. If add up the amount of money you lose from not working, gas, siting in traffic, it adds up to more than the ticket most of the times. DUI Defender has fought Los Angeles Traffic Tickets for over thirty years. If you want to save money and time, AND keep your driving record clean… Call DUI Defender Today!

Red Light Tickets

All over Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, Encino, and the San Fernando Valley are the well known, pesky RED LIGHT Cameras! According to many Los Angeles newspaper articles, Red Light Cameras have been thought to be gone. The truth is that they are as active as ever! If you have received a Red Light Traffic Ticket in the mail, call DUI Defender today! We will fight to overturn your Los Angeles Red Light Traffic Ticket and will save you time and money!

Moving Violations 

The 405 and 101 Freeways are two of the most congested and used roads in America. As citizens of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley, we have all sat on these freeways for far too many hours of our lives. Hoping off the freeway to cruise Ventura Boulevard or Pacific Coast Highway is no better, CHP and Police are everywhere and they are looking to pass out traffic tickets. If you have Los Angeles Traffic Tickets, you need a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney to protect your Driver’s License. Moving Violations can cause your insurance rates to go up, or worse, could result in the suspension of your Driver’s License. Call DUI Defender today for the cheapest Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney fees in Southern California!

What Types of Los Angeles Traffic Tickets Can DUI Defender Fight? 

DUI Defender and our Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorneys have over three decades of experience fighting Los Angeles Traffic Tickets! We handle all of the following types of cases:

Speeding Tickets – VC 22349(a)

Cell phone tickets

Texting tickets

Flight from a Police Officer – VC2800.1

Driving without Current Registration – VC 4000(a)(1) 

No Registration in Vehicle – VC 4454(a) 

False Registration Tabs – VC 4462.5 

No License Plate – VC 5200(a) 

Driving Without a Valid Driver’s License – VC 12500(a) 

Driver’s License Not in Possession – VC 12951(a) 

Negligent Operator Driving with a Suspended License – VC 14601(a)

Driving with a Suspended License – VC 14601.1 (a) 

Driving with a Suspended License Following a DUI – VC 14601.2(2) 

Driving with a Suspended License Following a Refusal – VC 14601.5 

Driving without Proof of Insurance – VC 16028(a) 

Hit and Run – VC 20002(a) 

Failure to Stop at Red Light – VC 21453(a) 

Failure to Obey Sign, Signal, or Device – VC21461(a) 

Car Pool Violation – VC21655.5 (b) 

Illegal Turn at Intersection – VC 22101 (d) 

Speed Over 100 mph – VC 22348(b) 

Unsafe Speed for Conditions – VC 22350 

Failure to Stop at Stop Sign – VC 22450 (a) 

Reckless Driving – VC 23103 (a) 

Speed Contest – VC 23109 (a) 

Exhibition of Speed – VC 23109 (c) 

Throwing Substance on Highway – VC 23111 

Minor with a BAC .05 % – VC 23140 

Marijuana in Vehicle while Driving – VC 23222 (b) 

Tinted Windows – VC 26708 (a) (Infraction)

Driving without Wearing Seatbelt – VC 27315 (d) 

Child Passenger Restraint Violation – VC 27360