April 25, 2016

Suspended License

Los Angeles DUI Attorney


California Suspended Driver’s Licensee Attorney 

DUI Defender fights to quickly assess your case and to fight to keep your driving privileges active. After a Los Angeles DUI arrest, you have a small widow of opportunity to protect your rights and to keep you Driver’s License in good standing. DUI Defender will request a DUI DMV Hearing, this is a court appearance  where we will fight on your behalf to keep you on the road, so that you can continue to work and provide for your family. DUI Defender specializes in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley DUI defense. Your Los Angeles DUI Attorney at DUI Defender will prepare a well planned defense. Our years of knowledge and experience litigating Los Angeles DUI cases gives us the upper hand when fighting to keep your Driver’s License active. Whether your facing the suspension of your Driver’s License, or the revocation of your Commercial Driver’s License, count on DUI Defender to DEFEND you against a Los Angeles DUI charge.

Protect My Driver’s License

DUI Defender fights for the best and also prepares for the worst. If your license is suspended, DUI Defender will fight to obtain a restricted license on your behalf. This will allow you certain driving privileges, like the ability to go to work and to take care of yourself and your family. Fighting the DMV and the Los Angeles District Attorneys office in a DUI or Driving While Under the Influence charge is not an easy task. The District Attorney is most likely not going to press charges for a DUI unless they are certain that they can convict you. If you want to stay on the road and avoid public transportation, a Restricted Drivers License is the next best thing. Your Los Angeles DUI Attorney will fight for your rights to obtain a California Restricted Driver’s License.

How do I qualify for a California Restricted Driver’s License? 

First, your Los Angeles DUI Attorney will represent you in court at a DMV Hearing. At your DUI DMV Hearing, DUI Defender will present your case and will argue on your behalf to keep your Driver’s License active. If the court suspends your Driver’s License, DUI Defender will then proceed to obtain a Restricted California Driver’s License for you. Usually, the following limitations are standard with a restricted license:

  • Church and Religious Activities
  • School Travel
  • Work and Work Related Travel
  • Mandatory Court and Legal Appearances
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehab Meeting
  • Grocery Store & Food Shopping
  • Travel Needs of Children & Dependents
  • Medical Visits

How Much Does a Los Angeles DUI Attorney Cost? 

A Los Angeles DUI can cost up to $15,000 dollars. If you are facing a DUI with a Drug Possession charge, OR if you are facing a Commercial Driver’s License DUI charge, costs can exceed $20,000 dollars. DUI Defender IS WAY less than the Industry Standard. After litigating cases for over 30 years, our Los Angeles DUI Attorneys are exceptionally sufficient at fighting your DUI case, getting you back on the road, all while keeping your money in your wallet! Our DUI Attorneys are quick, efficient, and effective counsel for Los Angeles DUI charges. DUI Defender PRIDES itself on being the LOW PRICE LEADER for Los Angeles DUI defense needs. Call us today for a free consultation.