April 25, 2016


Los Angeles DUI Attorney


What Types of Traffic Tickets Can DUI Defender Beat? 

Check out our list of Traffic Tickets that we have had success litigating against! DUI Defender understands how to fight these forms of Los Angeles Traffic Tickets:

Speeding Tickets – VC 22349(a)

Cell phone tickets

Texting tickets

Flight from a Police Officer – VC2800.1

Driving without Current Registration – VC 4000(a)(1) 

No Registration in Vehicle – VC 4454(a) 

False Registration Tabs – VC 4462.5 

No License Plate – VC 5200(a) 

Driving Without a Valid Driver’s License – VC 12500(a) 

Driver’s License Not in Possession – VC 12951(a) 

Negligent Operator Driving with a Suspended License – VC 14601(a)

Driving with a Suspended License – VC 14601.1 (a) 

Driving with a Suspended License Following a DUI – VC 14601.2(2) 

Driving with a Suspended License Following a Refusal – VC 14601.5 

Driving without Proof of Insurance – VC 16028(a) 

Hit and Run – VC 20002(a) 

Failure to Stop at Red Light – VC 21453(a) 

Failure to Obey Sign, Signal, or Device – VC21461(a) 

Car Pool Violation – VC21655.5 (b) 

Illegal Turn at Intersection – VC 22101 (d) 

Speed Over 100 mph – VC 22348(b) 

Unsafe Speed for Conditions – VC 22350 

Failure to Stop at Stop Sign – VC 22450 (a) 

Reckless Driving – VC 23103 (a) 

Speed Contest – VC 23109 (a) 

Exhibition of Speed – VC 23109 (c) 

Throwing Substance on Highway – VC 23111 

Minor with a BAC .05 % – VC 23140 

Marijuana in Vehicle while Driving – VC 23222 (b) 

Tinted Windows – VC 26708 (a) 

Driving without Wearing Seat-belt – VC 27315 (d) 

Child Passenger Restraint Violation – VC 27360 


What was the First Freeway in California? 

According to Wikipedia, the first Freeway in California was the Arroyo Seco Parkway Freeway. Ever since then, Los Angeles drivers have been stacking up Traffic Tickets and DUI’s! If you have Los Angeles Traffic Tickets or a DUI, call DUI Defender today!


When was the First Traffic Light Installed in Los Angeles? 

Los Angeles got its first traffic lights in 1920!


When was the First Driving Under the Influence Arrest? 

According to the History Channel it was in 1897!


What is the highest Blood Alcohol Content Level allowed for a Commercial Driver’s License? 

A BAC (blood alcohol content level) of 0.04% is considered a DUI!


What is a DMV Hearing? 

A DMV Hearing is a court date that you can request within 10 days after the suspension of your Driver’s License. It is a court appearance where you, or your Los Angeles DUI Attorney, can challenge the arrest and reinstate your driving privileges.


How Much Do DUI’s cost Tax Payers?

According to MADD, Drunk Drivers cost American Tax Payers $132 Billion Dollars a year!


What does a CHP Officer or a Police Officer need to witness in order to suspect that I am Under the Influence? 

In order to have probable cause to pull you over, the arresting officer would need to witness things like swerving, slow to respond to traffic lights, using the wrong turn signal, sharp and out of control turns, almost getting involved in an accident, out of control braking, and even driving SLOWER than the speed limit! These are just a few of the things that Police Officers are trained to pick up on.