April 25, 2016

DUI Defense

Affordable DUI Defense 

If you have been arrested and charged with a Los Angeles DUI, you need a Los Angeles DUI Attorney to fight for your rights. DUI Defender has spent over thirty years litigating Los Angeles DUI cases. Our attorneys have the insight, knowledge, and experience to go to court and keep your drivers license active while we litigate your case. Our background in defending Los Angeles DUI cases sets us apart from our competition. We known how to challenge the prosecutions case by fighting breathalyzer results and field sobriety tests. Our goal is keep your driving record clean and to get you back on the road. If your looking for the best Los Angeles DUI defense for the best possible price, look no further than DUI Defender… Our name says it all!

How do I Protect my California Driver’s License? 

DUI Defender knows how hard it is to get around Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley utilizing Public Transportation. If your Driver’s License has been suspended or revoked, DUI Defender can move quickly to reinstate your driving privileges while we litigate your case. If you have a Commercial Drivers License and are on the unfortunate end of California DUI Charge, DUI Defender will make a DMV Hearing Appearance on your behalf. A first time California Commercial Drivers License DUI conviction will result in a minimum of a one year suspension, a second will result in a life time ban. DUI Defender will fight to keep your licenses active.

DUI Defense

My First California DUI 

First… don’t panic. DUI’s happen. DUI Defender understands that no one is perfect. A Los Angeles DUI Attorney, especially the ones at DUI Defender, will work with you one on one to help get you back on track. We will make court appearance and work with the DMV to keep your Drivers License active. Most Los Angeles DUI Attorneys charge between $10,000 to $15,000 in fees JUST to take your DUI case. DUI Defender prides itself on being the Los Angeles DUI low price leader. We UNDERSTAND DUI. It is what we do. Don’t know if you are a first time offender? Simple! California Vehicle Code states that this means you are a first time offender:

  • Never had a DUI knocked down to a Reckless Driving charge
  • Never had a DUI dismissed while still having your Driver’s License suspended
  • No prior DUI convictions
  • No prior Driving While Under the Influence convictions
  • No restricted Drivers License due to the use of drugs or alcohol while driving or operating a vehicle


DUI Defense & What to do After a DUI Arrest 

So you got a DUI. Now what do you do? This is the most common question clients first ask us when they call. First, do not panic. Things happen. Right now you need to know your rights. You need to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about what it means to be charged with a California Driving Under the Influence Charge. A Los Angeles DUI Attorney can assist you and guide you through this daunting process. DUI Defender strives to make this as painless as possible, while also keeping your hard earned dollars right where they belong… in your wallet. After a DUI arrest, you have limited to time to request a Driver’s License Suspension hearing. DUI Defender will take care of this process for you. Our Los Angeles DUI Attorneys will do a number of things to aggressively litigate your case such as petition for a judicial driving permit if necessary, file a motion for discovery, subpoena the arrest records, subpoena the breath analysis log, as well as handle all of your court appearances. DUI Defender has over thirty years of experience litigating and winning Los Angeles DUI cases. Our name says it, we Defend Los Angeles DUI cases!

DUI Defender Understands Los Angeles DUI Defense

DUI Defender will provide you with a skilled Los Angeles DUI Attorney. Our team of DUI Lawyers and Legal Staff will work together to build the strongest case possible for your DUI Defense. We will subpoena your driving record from the beginning, this will give us a baseline to start from. Taking a look at your prior history, good or bad, goes a long way in building a platform to fight your case. While we are building your case, our Los Angeles DUI Attorney Team will be meeting with you, we will touch on topics such as your license status, treatment programs, as well as ways to clean up your driving history. In the event that a revocation of your Drivers License is called for, we will quickly apply for a Restricted Driving Permit which will keep you on the road, so that you can continue to work and provide for yourself and your family. Our ultimate goal is to win your case and thus hand you back your Drivers License without any restrictions what so ever.

Do I Need to Take Alcohol Abuse Classes After My DUI? 

The short answer is maybe. A DUI does not mean that you have an alcohol problem, but it does mean that you made a poor decision. DUI Defender is committed to assisting our clients KEEP their Driver’s License and to WIN your Los Angeles DUI case. We are also committed to our clients health and overall well being. DUI Defender has many outlets that we can offer our clients if and when they feel they need help. Even if you have your drinking under control, and this was just an isolated incident, it is still helpful to take a look at some of the Los Angeles based alcohol programs. DUI Defender is here to help you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Let one of our Los Angeles DUI Attorneys assist you today.