April 25, 2016

CDL & Professional License DUI

CDL DUI Attorney Los Angeles 

California State and Federal Law have specific rules and regulations pertaining to the active status of a Commercial Driver’s License. If you are a professional truck driver or if you have a CDL Licences and have been charged with a California DUI, you need to move quickly to protect your license. California Vehicle Code 23152(a) clearly and expressly states that the use of alcohol and or drugs will result in the revocation of your Commercial Drivers License.  California State Law and Federal Guidelines are even more strict with CDL operators, going as far as to lower the legal limit of the blood-alcohol level from 0.08% to 0.04%. DUI Defender understands the sense of urgency when a client comes to us with a Los Angeles CDL Driving Under the Influence Charge. We will work quickly and diligently to make any necessary Court and or DMV Hearing to protect your Commercial Drivers License.

How Can I Keep my CDL Active After a DUI? 

Commercial Drivers are a working professional who utilizes a CDL for a living. Due to the fact that a CDL Licenses gives someone greater authority than a standard California Drivers License, State and Federal Agencies ALSO hold a CDL Operator to a higher code of ethics. This means that the penalties for a DUI can be much more intensely felt. In a standard DUI case, a conviction does not necessarily mean a fully revoked license. The court, typically based upon the effectiveness of legal counsel, can allow for a restricted license to be issued. This allows the guilty party to still be able to work, grocery shop, go to doctors appointments, so on and so forth as agreed upon by the court. All of this goes out the window when the guilty party holds a California Commercial Drivers License. A Los Angeles CDL DUI means that your will lose your Commercial Drivers License for at least a year. Worse, any DUI after that will result in an automatic life to ban and a full revocation of your Commercial Drivers License. It is for this reason that if you have been charged with a Los Angeles Commercial Drivers License DUI, you NEED to seek legal counsel FAST. Call one of our Los Angeles CDL DUI Attorneys today! DUI Defender will fight to keep your CDL License active and in good standing.


Driving Under the Influence with Drugs 

A California DUI Charge is tough enough, adding in a Drug Possession charge only adds to your problems. Hiring the right Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorney can mean the difference between staying on the road or sitting behind bars. A District Attorney is not likely going to press charges unless they believe they have a very strong chance of convicting you. No D.A. wants to lose a case, especially an open and shut DUI Drug Possession case. It looks bad. In order for the District Attorney to follow up an arrest with actually pressing charges means the prosecutor has done their homework. You need the help of a trusted Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney. If you hold a Commercial Drivers License, a DUI with Drug Possession charge could spell doom for your license. This may not only result in the loss of your job but also in extensive jail time. A major misunderstanding of Los Angeles DUI with Drug Possession cases is that the the Drug Possession part of the charge is NOT limited to illegal substances. Doctor prescribed medications like codeine cough syrup, pain pills, and sleeping medications may also trigger a Drug Possession arrest if the officer assumes you are under the influence of a drug as well as alcohol. Unlike a standard DUI charge, the arresting officer does not need to administer a breath test in order to detain you. If the officer has probable cause, and feels that you are under the influence of a controlled substance, you can still be arrested. A blood test will determine if you were under the influence of a narcotic.

How Much Does a CDL DUI Attorney Cost? 

A Los Angeles DUI can range between $10,000 to $15,000 dollars when you add up fines, court fees, and attorney fees. A Los Angeles Commercial Drivers License DUI can cost even more, depending upon DMV Hearings and what is necessary to keep your Commercial Drivers License active. DUI Defender PRIDES itself on being the MOST cost efficient AND the MOST effective Los Angeles DUI Attorney Firm. We will fight to keep your CDL active and in good standing and will protect your rights, without breaking your bank. Call us today for a free consultation.